County Rare Birds

e-Bird has changed the way birders live. If you are a county birder e-Bird has the data to watch for rarities in your county or counties of interest. You can get alerts daily or hourly, but searching through your alerts for sightings can be a hassle. Now using County Rare Birds you can bookmark any county or counties you like and have instant access to the last 2 weeks of rare birds reported to e-Bird. All you need to do is select your desired state or province from the list at the left. Then select the county of interest from that state page. You can then bookmark that county page for extremely quick reference anytime you want. It’s that easy. Give it a try. You will also have the rare birds for the whole state right on the state page. I think you’ll find this site extremely useful. If you have any feedback to help me improve the functionality or usefulness of the site use the contact us form in the header to send feedback.More Information

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